Welcome to BRELS By Design Interior Decorating

iStock_000014847035XSmallAfter a tiring day at work, imagine coming home to your own private spa. Luxuriate in your elegant soaking tub, while the intercom softly plays a soothing melody.

You select your clothing from your spacious, well organized walk-in closet. Your shoes are neatly arranged according to color and style.

Time to start dinner in your bright, airy kitchen. Your brand new state of the art appliances make cooking an art you never knew you totally enjoyed! For many of us; this vision is just a dream or fantasy you have been longing to fulfill, but never thought you could afford.

iStock_000020709400XSmallYou have interviewed Interior Designers who encourage you to remove existing walls, raise ceilings, combine bedrooms and relocate staircases. So expensive and time consuming, totally out of your budget!¬†You also considered moving to a larger home, but you love your house, the neighborhood and schools. If only you could just update the look of this house… just change the color scheme, make better use of the spaces and bring in more light.

Your “Dream House” could become a reality, at an affordable cost, and be a pleasurable, wonderful experience!

iStock_000011964951XSmallWelcome to BRELS by DESIGN! Unlike costly Architects and Home Designers, we are Certified Interior Decorators. Utilizing our professional knowledge of decorating, inspiring color, and ensuring natural light. You absolutely can and will have the home of your dreams, at a reasonable cost. Whether you prefer the soft colors of nature to reflect your passion for tranquility, or more rugged cabin inspired furnishings, Brels by Design will successfully blend your selections and styles, enhancing your homes best features, ensuring elegance, classic beauty and comfort.